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Journey Back To Me

Relational Recovery Group

Join us for the next round of our Relational Recovery Group, Journey Back to Me, starting in January 2023.

When the path is unclear, confusion and fear abound. Guilt, shame, lack of identity, low self-esteem and self-worth, perfectionism, disconnection, the past showing up in the present – all of these and more get in the way of our ability to see clearly and know which path to take in life. This begins to show up in our relationships as the barriers that keep me from experiencing authentic connection. One must know where they are to know where they are going. The journey starts with discovering the relationship between You and You.

Join us for Journey Back To Me, a closed psychotherapy group series. This is a virtual, 8-week psychotherapy group that is offered twice a year. Participants must be screened before joining, and a commitment to all 8 weeks is required. Investment is $100 per group session. Click the “Register Now” button to reserve your seat or be put on the wait list for the next round, or contact [email protected] for more information.

Meet Amanda

Amanda’s specialty is addressing the unmet needs getting in the way of connection between “me and me” to create safety for reconnecting with inner child. Amanda helps you connect to the wisdom of your body to identify blocks getting in the way of your recovery and relationships.

Meet Celena

Celena’s specialty is getting to the emotional root of chronic illness and chronic pain. Celena supports those who struggle to be present and feel safe in their body.

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