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From Amber

Items and books thoughtfully curated for your daily routines.

Animal Speaks-Ted Andrews

I love to read about the messages animals could bring. The connection is never wrong!

White Light Oracle Deck-Alaona Fairchild

I pull an oracle card when I feel out of alignment or I need some direction.

12 Step of Adult Children Workbook (Yellow)

When I work the 12 Steps of ACA I'm validated that I didn't ask for any of the chaos that was put on me.

Codependent No More- Melody Beattie

Beattie, does a great job of breaking down Codependency in examples and bulleted lists.

Strengthening My Recovery Daily Affirmation

I love this book because it helps me stay in alignment and is part of my daily recovery.

Adult Children of Alcoholism and Dysfunctional Families

The "Big Red Book of ACA" is known to bring clarity to the chaos.

Selenite Sticks

Selenite is used to recharge crystals and clear energy. It is used often in Reiki.

Affirmation River Rocks

River rocks are one of my favorite forms of grounding. I pick the one I need in the moment.

The Body Keeps the Score-Bessel Van Der Kolk

This book does an amazing job of explaining how trauma is stored in the body, not the brain.

Gifts of Imperfection- Brené Brown

This book is a great source of self compassion and love.

I thought it was me- Brené Brown

This book is the first book that allowed me to own the neglect without placing blame.

Complex PTSD From Surviving to Thriving- Pete Walker

Walker does an amazing job describing C-PTSD and pairing it with 12 step recovery work for healing.

The Language of Letting Go - Melody Beattie

This is a daily meditation book I like to read to support my awareness of what I control and what I can't.

Healing the Child Within - Charles Whitfield

Whitfield is one of the first practitioners to acknowledge inner child due to addiction.

Mending a Shattered Heart- Stephanie Carnes

Carnes does a great job supporting healing for those wounded by betrayl.

From Amanda

Practical tools to support your daily needs

Seat of your soul meditation cushion

Because sitting with your body and emotions should be comfortable!

Weighted Blanket

Our nervous systems sometimes need the sensation of a gigantic hug to access safety.

The Dance of Anger- Harriet Lerner

Learning about the patterns in our relationships provides so much perspective.

How to keep house while drowning-KC Davis

I feel like I can breathe again when I hear someone speak directly into the shame and perfectionism that comes up in around day to day tasks that take a hit when pathology is big.

The Loving Parent Guidebook

Learning to reparent myself is one of the greatest gifts to my recovery.

The Laundry List Workbook

Working on the traits that developed as a result of family dysfunction is essential to my recovery.

Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards

When I need clarity from my higher self and guides, I pull one of these cards.

Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards

During times of transition, I pull a card from this deck.

Into the Lonely Woods Oracle Cards

During dark nights of the soul, this deck provides clarity.

The Power of Surrender Cards

When I need some clarity on what to let go of, I pull from this deck.

From SAM

Tools and Resources to find your best self.

Feel Good Hug Body Wrap

Neuroscience proves positive health benefits from hugs, it's grounding and allows me to get to peace.

ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Sensory stimulation is another great form of grounding and clears my mind when I'm ready to rest.

Unwinding Anxiety by Dr. Judson Brewer

I find comfort in understanding my anxiety and triggers, as well as tools to regulate.

Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat

My favorite yoga mat!

Yoloha Cork Journal

Journaling what comes up for me in yoga can be really healing and deepens the sense of release.

Champagne Problems Podcast

Exploring more than abstinence has been vital to my recovery, it keeps me from being polarized.

From Jenn

Comfort, creativity, and calm

The Power of the Other Hand-Lucia Capacchione

Lucia Capacchione shares her vast knowledge of how accessing your right brain connects you to your inner child

After the Rain-Alexandra Elle

I read through this when I need reminders of how far I've come.

Women Who Run with Wolves- Clarissa Pinkola Estés

This book helped me further embrace my femininity and stand strong in who I am.

Embroidered Shawl

So soft!!!! I'm usually draped in one of these during the winter.

Chill Pill Essential Oil Blend

Helps me ground when I'm feeling frazzled.

Dragon's Blood Jasper Stone

I use this and a few other rocks/crystals to help me ground. The weight and smoothness feel calming to my nervous system.

Arteza Highly Pigmented Color Pencils

My favorite set of color pencils, I always have them nearby in case I need to process what I'm feeling without words.

30 Scripts for Relaxation Imagery and Inner Healing

My go to resource for guided imagery inspiration

From stacey

Favorites to help with self-regulation and exploration


When I'm overwhelmed by the noise of daily life, these help filter out the background but I can still hear conversation.


I love this easy to play hand pan for grounding, centering, mindfulness.

Desktop Sand Tray

This is helpful for regulating and mindfulness, and cute on your desk!

Polyvagal Card Deck

Fantastic strategies for exploring and understanding all nervous system states.

Mindfulness and the 12 steps-therese jacobs-stewart

I really appreciate the connection between 12 step recovery and mindfulness exercises outlined here.

eastern body, western mind- anodea judith

This is helpful in learning about the synthesis and integration of these schools of thought.

Black opal

My favorite palm stone for grounding, protection of emotional space, and dispelling negativity.

oil pastels

Even though it's marketed for kids, I love this set because it stays closed and I can toss it in my bag!


For grounding and self discovery

Daring Greatly-Brené Brown

This book allowed me to dig deeper into what it means for me to show vulnerability and how I can use vulnerability in a new way in my own recovery.

heating pad

A comfy tool to support grounding, to bring you comfort, or something to add to your time in relaxation!


Perfect subscription for both app use on-the-go and at home online for guided meditation and grounding exercises!

essential oil diffusing humidifier

My favorite is lavender, and I know each essential oil comes with its own unique benefits!

From celena

Things I love to fight stress and stay well

culturelle probiotics

Gut health is related to mental health, and it is important that our gut is diverse. Through research, these are great even for those with a lot of sensitivities or allergies like Mast Cell Activation.

LMNT Packets

I take half of one a day with water. Keeping our body hydrated and balanced with electrolytes is important for our physical and mental health. It helps our body get what we need. These are also great to help with a lot of chronic issues like POTS, migraines, cervical cranial instability, neuro issues, etc. I recommend this kind because electrolytes should be salty and not sweet, these have no sugar!

rooibos tea

This is a great tea because it can help with many different things. It helps reduce inflammation which is great for anyone. It has a bunch of antioxidants in it. It can even boost heart health. It also can help to fight stress. So, it is great for physical health and mental health!

green tea

Green tea is excellent for circulation. Good circulation and blood flow is key to healing so many ailments. Blood brings oxygen and nutrients needed to heal inflammation, pain, etc. Good circulation is also good for the brain. If our brain receives good oxygen, we can think more clearly and be more focused. Caffeinated or decaf is good.

tulsi turmeric and ginger tea

This is also known to have a calming effect. It increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and fights stress.

peppermint oil

This is great for congestion, GI issues, and soothing sore muscles. It can even reduce headaches. It has so much versatility and so many health benefits. Keeping our body healthy leads to keeping our mind healthy.

dry brush

Dry brushes are a great way to keep the immune system happy. Dry brushing helps with lymphatic draining, increases circulation and energy, and helps remove toxins from the body.

the happiness trap-russ harris

This book uses ACT interventions which can really help with intrusive thoughts and reducing stress and anxiety. I use interventions from this book often and find it to be very helpful.

the universe has your back-gabrielle bernstein

This is a great inspirational book that gives insight into relinquishing control and acceptance. It has some great interventions in here as well.

black tourmaline

It’s great for protecting against negative energy and aiding emotional stability. It’s my favorite grounding rock!

From Annie

For creating a soothing sensory space

eucalyptus candle

I love wood wick candles because the sound and smell brings me peace.

lavender spray

I love the smell of lavender and spraying or placing lavender around my house.

lemon oil

Lemon essential oil is my energy booster.

selenite lamp

Beautiful lighting and creation of peace.

positive post-it notes

I am the queen of post it notes. I love using them for experiental activities such as positive postings.

texture mats

I love texture. It allows me to ground and feel connected with myself. I have these texture items in my office.

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