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Friends of The Healing Collective

Healing is better with support.


A recovery ambassador. A woman of integrity. An advisor. A gentle soul.

Sheila is the owner of The Relationship Enrichment Center in Matthews, NC. She has over 25 years experience in supporting others through their recovery of substances, trauma, and grief. She partnered with Amber and co-owns, Stepping into Wholeness, where together they lead workshops to help others become their truest and highest self. Their friendship and partnership creates healing experiences allowing those participating to trust in the process.


A true story. A trailblazer. A mother.

Jody is an adventurer and healer. She travels the world to find the most spiritual venues to hold life changing retreats. Jody’s work is one of a kind and she partners with the most majestic horses to create a truly magical experience of healing. Epona Retreats are held all over the world with multiple locations and include Equine assisted EMDR, Restorative Yoga, unique cultural experiences, exquisite food, and most importantly fun and connection.


A powerful healer. A masterful leader. An advocate for change.

Cyd owns a group practice in Gastonia, NC, Essential Journey Counseling (EJC). Cyd and her diverse team support their community in creating a continuum of care inclusive of traditional therapy, intensives, and healing retreats. Cyd’s retreats are mind, body, and spirit nourishment leaving one feeling full and empowered after an experience with empowered women.


Traci is a group practice owner in Texas that also provides EMDR, intensives, and healing experiences through workshops. Traci is a master of her craft and is also involved in training the community about trauma, how to support survivors of trauma, and training clinicians in EMDR modality. 


Esha is a wounded healer that brings the energy of healing to all she encounters. Esha provides many healing experiences through individual sessions, group opportunities, and retreats. She is also the author of many healing books and articles that provide guidance on walking out the healing process. 

Community Resources

When thinking of age-related health issues, physical infirmity probably springs to most people’s minds; however, seniors are also prone to mental health disorders. Caring.com can assist with finding seniors access to assistance with mental health care.

ACA provides a safe, nonjudgmental environment that allows us to grieve our childhoods and conduct an honest inventory of ourselves and our family—so we may (i) identify and heal core trauma, (ii) experience freedom from shame and abandonment, and (iii) become our own loving parents.

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