Reiki is a form of energy healing where a healer uses the “Universal life” energy to bring healing to another. As humans we are all capable of this form of healing. We are all made of energy, in fact, science teaches us that everything is made of energy. Our human body is also magnetic which allows us to feel the energy. If you take your hands and rub them together as if you are really cold trying to increase the circulation of your hands, and then hold them a few inches apart as if there were an imaginary tennis ball in your hands, you can feel your energy. Take a moment, try it!

Reiki as a healing tool does just that for the body. It allows a healer’s energy to work as a conduit and bring in energy to another’s energy field. This does physiological responses like increasing blood circulation. If you consider the benefit of increasing circulation, you likely will come up with many benefits. And, it’s all done using only energy. 

In addition to the science, it is a sacred healing technique that’s been practiced by Japanese culture since the early 1900’s. A natural stress reliever, which so much of our research now teaches us is the cause of many medical diagnoses, Reiki brings relaxation during the session. The touch points used in Reiki are related to the chakra system and can create different experiences for different people. It’s known as “laying of the hands” however, the session can be completed without physical touch and keeping the hands a few inches from physical contact with the body. 

Read more about Amber’s benefits of Reiki in healing her physical body from traumas:

I’ve had a lot of different kinds of traumas in my life. I found many different treatment modalities and providers to relieve the weight of all the old wounds. The most recent work I’ve done left me wanting to reparent myself in a specific way. As a sexual trauma survivor, touch doesn’t always feel good to me. Touch is definitely not always welcome, and, at times I still struggle to say “no.”

The more I learned about my body, how trauma is stored, and energy psychology, I decided I wanted to find ways to heal myself.  That can be as simple as diet and exercise….putting things in my body that support my growth and health as well as exercise to support immunity and mental health. “Reparenting” is a term used in my recovery world that allows me to fulfill an unmet emotional need from childhood-yet another way to “heal myself.”  I could spend a whole day talking about the concept, and, if it interests you, consider looking up I was interested in healing my body’s ability to receive love and touch. 

I found a Reiki/massage therapist (this was not a coincidence-the universe definitely connected the two of us!) and began to build a relationship with her. I shared some of my trauma with her to gain permission to use my words and create more safety for myself. The power of healthy touch has been pivotal in my recovery. I’ve received Reiki every week for over a year and have completed the training to also provide Reiki healing. The idea of healing my own body gives me back a lot of power that I never had. It’s a safe form of loving my body and listening to it without judgment.

My reparenting will continue as my journey never ends, but as of today, I will continue to “color myself in!”

Traditional psychotherapy is powerful, and consider the benefits of using other modalities in addition. We know as a result of Bessel Van Der Kolk’s research, trauma is stored in the body, so some might say, why are we focused on the cognitive brain?  Exactly! Maybe we should focus on BOTH! What happens when we focus on the thought effects of trauma and the experience while also focusing on releasing the stored trauma in the body!

Treatment plans that focus on the “Top Down” and “Bottom Up” treat the individual as a whole. Some of us come into therapy identifying different triggers as the culprit of bringing chaos to our lives. For example; some come to therapy because of panic attacks- the body living out the trauma in everyday stressors; some of us come into therapy because of relationship dysfunction- often the consequence of emotional unavailability; or some come because of the obsessive or intrusive thoughts impacting our everyday life. All of these are related to trauma. All of them have the same core, but each person is suffering from a slightly different symptom. Therefore, wouldn’t that explain the need to treat the person as a whole, rather than just the symptom? Cognitive therapy isn’t always going to support a person suffering from physical responses. Read another blog where Amber explains how touch (body work) brings more healing to her therapeutic process as an additional healing tool:

There is much to be said about the healing power of touch. Yet for those of us who have experienced sexual trauma, touch doesn’t always feel good.

I’ve had a lot of different traumas in my life, those that have caused both visible and invisible harm. Since experiencing sexual trauma and the shame that follows, I’ve had a difficult time until recently loving myself, specifically my body. Consequently, touch has not always been welcome, and even though I’m now able to protect my body, I still struggle sometimes to say “no.”

The more I learn about my body, how trauma is stored, and energy psychology, the more I long to find ways to heal myself and change how I perceive my body and touch. Obviously, things as simple as diet and exercise, that is, putting things in my body and moving in ways that support my growth and physical and mental health, have been essential to restoring the value I see in myself. Yet when it comes to recognizing the ability to heal my body through love and touch, I’ve had to take a different path.

This is where Reiki comes in.

Reiki has Japanese roots and is a practice of healing that involves touch to channel a body’s energy and initiate natural healing and well-being. When I found my Reiki therapist, I was personally new to this “life-energy” concept of healing. In developing a relationship with my therapist, I shared some of my trauma, and in doing so, I gained permission to use my words and create more safety. The massage therapy that followed increased my awareness of my body and myself.

To this day, I believe the power of healthy touch has been pivotal in my recovery. It’s given me back a lot of power that I never had, and it’s a safe form of loving my body and listening to it without judgment. Not only have I received Reiki for over a year, but I’ve also completed the training to provide Reiki healing to others.

If a past trauma has made touch hard for you, consider giving Reiki a try. Reach out if you have questions. I’d be happy to share my experiences with you further. The journey of recovery is varied and takes many different paths. Reiki may just be one for you to explore.

Using Reiki as an additional component to psychotherapy brings an organic healing component with many benefits. Consider scheduling a session today. Experience the healing rather than thinking about it.


Is reiki offered virtually or in person?

Reiki is offered both virtually and in person. Some of our reiki healers exclusively offer virtual reiki. Did you know that all energy healers trained in Holy Fire Reiki are attuned to provide distance reiki? Distance reiki is a powerful modality because energy is not bound by physical limitations.

Can I use reiki in addition to the therapeutic work I’m already doing with The Healing Collective?

Yes! Reiki can be used to support grounding and regulation in early stages of treatment, and it can support breaking through energetic blocks in later stages of reparenting and integration.

Hi, I’m Amber. I am a fellow traveler, wounded healer, and wayshower. I live my recovery out loud imperfectly in hopes to support other individuals, couples, and families gain access to healing. As a leader, it is my hope to build a safe space for wounded healers to have permission to heal and become their most authentic self. My journey of recovery has taught me I have to feel to heal.

Hi, I’m Amanda. I’m a fellow traveler, healer in recovery, and honored to support others on their journey to discover and experience peace. The mind is ready to “move on” much faster than the body, and I want to support the integration of both so you can stop going to war with yourself. Recovery is greater than pathology.

Hi, I’m Jenn. I love helping my clients tackle the chains of perfectionism and self-doubt to be free to thrive in healthy relationships. My focus is helping people by showing up and offering a safe space that is just for them. We work together in unpacking past experiences to gain a better awareness and understanding of their present self, and then finding compassion for their past and present selves.

Hi, I’m Stacey. My own struggle with anxiety and codependency began early, rooted in dysfunctional family patterns. I understand first-hand what it is like to feel lost, overwhelmed, and alone even in a room full of people. I have been on the other side of the therapy chair, and can’t wait to bring my experience to help my clients.

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