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Burst Through the Blocks

by Amber Tolbert

Our bodies function as templates, using things like muscle memory to respond to certain events, triggers, or circumstances. But what happens when trauma causes our bodies to become stuck? What happens when we continue to bump up against the same blocks, no matter how much work we’ve done already to overcome past trauma?

Sometimes, we use numbing agents and medicators to avoid the pain. Other times, we develop behaviors that ignore our bodies and focus on pushing through.

As a young adult, I had a lot of pride in my ability to pretty much do anything that I wanted to do. That doesn’t mean that what I was doing was healthy. A superpower that I formed was being able to endure and push myself beyond my potential. To some, that may sound strong, but for me, it was dangerous. The only speed I know is “GO” and there’s no limit. I didn’t listen to the responses, the reactions, or the messages that my body was sending.

And yet that is just what I needed to do in order to heal.

Bodywork, also called somatic healing, is just as it sounds. It uses the body to guide healing rather than thoughts alone. Mindfulness opens the pathway from the body to the brain so we can start to understand the signals and messages our bodies are giving. Because the body can be hijacked by unresolved trauma, it can be difficult for one to evaluate what the threat is. The more bodywork a person does to process the trauma in the body, the fewer blocks that person will experience.

Here at the Healing Collective, our purpose is to realign you with your energy source (you) so you can step into your embodied power to heal. By learning how to trust your body, your gut (intuition), and your heart, you can take the first steps toward reclaiming your sovereignty.

Want to learn more about healing your energetic body? Join Amanda Enlow and Chelsie Ciminelli on Saturday, April 22nd, for a virtual experiential workshop from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This workshop targets the energetic self by identifying energetic blocks in the subtle body, allowing a person to shift from scarcity to abundance.

To register, email Amanda at [email protected]. The deadline to register is April 14th. Find more details by clicking the link below!

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