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Amber Tolbert

LISW-CP, Founder and Chief Operating Officer
About Me

“Together We Can Do What We Cannot Do Alone.”

Hi, I’m Amber. I love supporting people stuck in the grips of addiction, those who have lost sight of themselves, those ready to take back their power, those who want to know what peace feels like.

Originally, I specialized in family systems, conflict, relationships, identity (sense of self), self-worth, numbing, anxiety, depression, and codependency. As the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Healing Collective, I love supporting our team to grow and better serve our valued clients. I am based in our Fort Mill office.

How We Help

Our role as clinicians is to shine the light in places that are too scary to go alone. We walk with you as the carrier of hope and believer in recovery. At times, we loan the courage we have earned until you have your own courage to keep going. We believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. I personally believe (and know) that recovery is something that every human can access and that stepping into your own recovery is the most powerful tool you have to change the world around you. 

More About Me

I graduated from the University of South Carolina with dual Master degrees in Social Work and Public Health. I am dually licensed in South Carolina and North Carolina as a Licensed Independent Social Worker Clinical Practice. My experience over the past 10 years has taken me to many different mental health settings and I have experience with all ages. I utilize approaches including experiential psychotherapy, mindfulness, and trauma focused modalities.

I am a fellow traveler, a recoveree, and a fighter. Most of my life I lived in fear and believed “MOST” people were bad. I entered recovery, have done my own personal work, and I have experienced the opposite. Most people are “GOOD.” I no longer live in fear on a daily basis. In therapy or working with a clinician, you will walk together with someone who can shine the light because you deserve to have that freedom from fear and trauma. Recovery allows for a solution. It is possible to gain the capacity to love someone suffering from addiction with the walk of recovery. As a survivor of many losses related to addiction, recovery has gifted me with healing.

Recovery is always an option.

— What Element Do You Resonate With? —


“When I think about the elements my initial thought is, “oh I need them ALL”! And, what I’ve also noticed is each of them had a place as my recovery journey has deepened. Today, I resonate most with air. When I need support or I’m in my process, the pause and the breath bring me peace. It’s boundless, and I can’t see it, which is such a testament to my level of trust which has evolved through my recovery. Today, I don’t have to see it to believe it.”

— What’s Your Walk Out Song? —

“The Champion” by Carrie Underwood

— How To Connect —

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