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You Are That Powerful

by Amber Tolbert

When you hear or think of the word energy, you may automatically think of some external power source outside of you. The truth is, everything that exists in this world is energy, including you and me. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, our bodies are all energy. Energy is what creates and manifests something into being. It is the energy we hold that can manifest into our healing or our illness.

For many years, I stored a lot of energy in my body, but not in a good way. I had a lot of pride in my ability to do pretty much anything that I wanted to do. A “superpower” I formed was being able to endure and being able to push myself beyond my potential. None of that was healthy. As I pushed and pushed with the mindset of “go, endure, go,” I failed to listen to the responses, the reactions, and the messages my body was giving me. There was no limit to the damage that was being done to my body and my psyche.

Our bodies function as a template, using things like muscle memory to respond to certain events, triggers, or circumstances. When some of that coding in the template goes “offline” or becomes stuck, our bodies respond by creating emotional pain. As humans, we have a desire to avoid all pain, physical or emotional. For me, I tried to ignore the signals my body was giving me so that I would cope. But by ignoring my body, I was essentially ignoring myself.

Here at The Healing Collective, our purpose is to realign our clients with their energy source (themselves) so they can step into their embodied power to heal themselves. This begins with building trust in three realms: learning how to trust your body, your gut (intuition), and your heart. Coming home to trusting you is the first step in reclaiming your sovereignty.

How does energy work fit into this equation? At The Healing Collective, we use modalities like reiki and somatic healing to help our clients restore their relationship with themselves. Reiki has Japanese roots and is a practice of healing that involves touch to channel a body’s energy and initiate natural healing and well-being. Similarly, somatic body work uses the body to guide healing rather than thoughts alone.

When you think of healers and energy workers, you may think these individuals will fix you. The truth is that there is no one outside of you that can heal you. Yes! You are that powerful. The energy within you is that powerful. Through your energetic system, you can heal your body and trauma. You are the medicine you seek that will create the inner anchor for transmutation and transformation in your life.

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