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Recognize the Change in You

by Amber Tolbert

If there is anything more certain in life, it’s that nothing ever stays the same. Sometimes, change is good. An unexpected opportunity opens, one that you didn’t realize you were wanting. Sometimes, change is bad. An unexpected situation arises that throws off your once “stable” life, setting you on a path with little direction.

During change, seeing the progress you’ve made along the way can be hard. This often was the case with me during the early stages of my own journey of recovery. I would make it through one day, and then another, not really seeing or sensing the transformation happening within me.

But now, I’m taking notice. As a trauma survivor and wounded healer, I’ve walked the dark terrain. I’ve survived the unforgiving waters. I’ve taken the steps that have led me to where I am today. Each day, I’m encountered with two questions: “Do I keep doing the old way of surviving?” or “Do I try to walk this out differently and do differently than was done to me?” Just acknowledging those questions and answering them has allowed me to recognize that, yes, I am aware of the change that is happening in me.

Brené Brown says courage is a combination of bravery and fear. I feel that a lot. In the trauma world, the process of healing involves going through trauma, not around it. The journey through is difficult and requires the determination to keep trying and to be brave. The change that results from that courage, though, is life-altering.

Yes, it is often hard to notice all the courage the talk of evolving takes, but don’t let it escape you. If you need someone to help remind you of the courage you possess and the change you’re creating within yourself, get in touch! We at The Healing Collective are here to walk this journey of recovery with you.

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