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Wednesdays at 12:00 noon

Join us for this free weekly support group to gain connection, grounding, and the knowledge that you are not alone in navigating recovery while neurodivergent. Whether formally diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or simply identifying as someone whose brain processes differently, you will have the opportunity to connect with others through experience, strength, and hope. This lunch bunch style group meets Wednesdays, beginning February 14 (what better way to show your love for yourself on Valentine’s Day!), from 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm. Feel free to eat while we meet, and self regulation or sensory tools are welcome! First time registration is required and attendance is possible at any time thereafter.

Hi, I’m Stacey. My own struggle with anxiety and codependency began early, rooted in dysfunctional family patterns. I understand first-hand what it is like to feel lost, overwhelmed, and alone even in a room full of people. I have been on the other side of the therapy chair, and can’t wait to bring my experience to help my clients.

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