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Sydney Estes

About Me

I support teenagers and adults who are experiencing self numbing challenges, inclusive of medicating, self injury, and self harming thoughts. I support adults experiencing life adjustments including parenthood, entering or leaving partnerships, and adjusting to new stress-related life transitions and balances. I enjoy supporting clients with exploring their self esteem, self worth, anxiety, depression, numbing and medicating through use of substances or other means, addressing cognitive distortions, unhealthy coping mechanisms, life adjustments, and healing from past trauma. 

I am an experiential therapy resident and utilize family systems framework along with techniques from motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. I support client in uncovering the underlying core wounds and learning new ways to support their continued recovery in their system.

I earned my Master of Social Work degree from Winthrop University. I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW-CP) in South Carolina, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in North Carolina, and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS) in North Carolina. I am currently working on becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). I also provide clinical supervision for those interested in pursuing their North and/or South Carolina Clinical Social Work License.  Over the past 7 years as a therapist, I have worked in a variety of settings including schools, outpatient mental health, and substance abuse. In each of these settings, I have had the privilege to support walking alongside individuals on their path to healthy living.   

I am a quote fanatic, recovering perfectionist, and an imperfect mama. I enjoy supporting those on their journey to feeling wholehearted and having the courage to just be the best version of themselves. I believe in order to be the best version of myself, I need to recognize my worth, my strengths and my boundaries. I first realized that perfectionism was impacting my life when I entered college. I tried to mold my identity to match those around me. My worth depended on what others thought of me. I quickly spiraled into dysfunctional actions inclusive of self numbing, overachieving, and striving for perfectionism. For my recovery, I realize the importance of putting my needs first and finding my own worth through self healing, boundaries, and recognizing my limitations. I believe recovery is about balance and learning to live life wholeheartedly and having the courage to just be YOU. As Brene Brown wrote in The Gifts of Imperfection, “Here’s what is truly at the heart of wholeheartedness: Worthy now. Not if, not when, we’re worthy of love and belonging now. Right this minute. As is.” I invite you on the journey with me to explore your wholehearted, guilt free, shame free beautiful version of yourself. I cannot wait to meet you!

— What Element Do You Resonate With —


“I feel refreshed and grounded when I am outside connecting to the earth. The grass, snow, sand, or water allows me to feel safe with my inner child. The earth gives me shape, stability, and allows me to feel replenished and renewed. I enjoy being one with nature.”

— What’s Your Walk Out Song? —

“Look Up Child” by Lauren Daigle

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(803) 232-5610

[email protected]

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