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Everything is energy. We often hear or think of the word energy, and we automatically think of some external power source outside of us. The truth is, everything that is, is energy, including you. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, our bodies are all energy. Energy is what creates and manifest something into being. It is the energy we hold that can manifest into our healing or our illness.

Here at the Healing Collective, our purpose is to realign you with your energy source (you) so you can step into your embodied power to heal thyself. This begins with trust in three realms. Learning how to trust your body, your gut (intuition), and your heart. Often, trauma makes us distrust our bodies and our gut (intuition), the two energy centers we want to come back online to assist us in the healing process and to realign towards heart-mind coherence. Coming home to trusting you, is the first step in reclaiming your sovereignty.

When we think of healers and energy workers, we think these individuals will fix us. There is no one outside of you that can heal you. You are that powerful. There are only those who can assist you in turning on your inner power source to trust what is lying dormant within you. We are constantly looking for the external technology not realizing that our bodies are the original and most powerful technology there is. Through our energetic system we can heal our bodies and traumas. You are the medicine you seek that will create the inner anchor for transmutation and transformation in your life.

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