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More On Energy

Everything is energy. We often hear or think of the word energy, and we automatically think of some external power source outside of us. The

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Reiki is a form of energy healing where a healer uses the “Universal life” energy to bring healing to another. As humans we are all

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Congratulations, you’re a new parent! Whether this is your first child or your fifth, your brand-new baby is a whole new adventure. Sometimes that adventure

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The condition of Depression is scary to most people because in it’s severest forms can lead to suicide. Depression is categorized by Mild, Moderate, and

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Anxiety is a state of unrest that our body experiences when in fear. It’s messages from our body that something is wrong. Anxiety is contagious

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“The only way out is through” R. Frost Intensives (intensive psychotherapy) are customized therapeutic experiences for situations that need resolution and movement. Intensives are for individuals,

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Relationship Counseling

Expert Couples Therapy Services Let’s Get Started The Healing Collective: Your Source for Couples Therapy At The Healing Collective, we understand the challenges that couples

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Codependency Therapy

Codependency Therapy Let’s Get Started The Healing Collective: Your Partner in Codependency Therapy The Healing Collective is a trusted and compassionate provider of codependency therapy

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Reclaim Your Life: EMDR Therapy Services Offered at The Healing Collective Let’s Get Started The Healing Collective: Your Choice for Counseling and Therapy When it

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Substance Abuse Counseling

There is hope for healing. If your need to medicate intense feelings has adversely impacted your daily life and relationships, substance abuse counseling at The Healing Collective can help you recover.

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