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Victoria Windham

LMSW, LCSW-A, LCAS-A, Resident Clinician
About Me

How I support you in your recovery
I support you in your recovery by showing up in session as my true and authentic self. My hope is to provide a safe and comfortable space for you to show up just as you are to receive support and accountability from our relationship together. I support you in getting to the root cause of your pain and finding relief from dysfunction. 

How I support you in building a relationship with self
I believe that once we connect with our inner child, we also form and strengthen our relationship with our present day self. I support you in identifying the unmet needs of your inner child and in re-discovering the parts of your inner child that were maybe goofy, carefree, or creative. We then work together through reparenting and nurturing your inner child so that healing occurs and you can show up in your relationship with self and others the way you desire to. 

My Personal Recovery Journey
My personal recovery is a part of all aspects of my life to include my relationship with self, my roles as wife, mom, daughter, therapist, and friend, and has been my guiding light through it all. My recovery isn’t always “just right” or isn’t always the easiest to access, and that’s when I know I am in need of more connection and accountability from my safe people. Recovery is hard, recovery is SO worth it, and recovery is always evolving for me. 

My Experience
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate in North Carolina and a Licensed Master Social Worker in South Carolina. I have 6 years experience in the field in a variety of settings. I obtained my master’s degree in Social Work from Winthrop University in 2021 and joined The HC team in 2021 after completing a multi-year internship with The HC. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Coastal Carolina University in 2015. I am an experiential therapy resident with a special interest in numbing and medicating. I am trained in EMDR and EMDR for addictions and utilize complementary techniques from motivational interviewing, CBT, and body movement to integrate mind and body as part of recovery. 

More About Me
I take so much pride in my role as mom and enjoy connecting with my inner child doing all the fun things with my son! I am always researching new holistic products, foods, and ways to care for my body and enjoy baking and cooking  with all fresh and clean ingredients!

— What Element Do You Resonate With? —


“I most identify with water. The ocean is my favorite place to be and serves as a gentle reminder that I am continuously in my own recovery. Like the tides of the ocean, I have highs and lows during recovery, and that’s okay.”

— What’s Your Walk Out Song? —

“Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

— How To Connect —

(803) 216-1604

[email protected]

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