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Victoria Windham

About Me

I am a caring, loving, and dedicated wife, daughter, and therapist.  I am a true animal lover and love to meet your fur babies during virtual sessions- bring them along! Capone, my fur baby, is not camera shy and loves to make an appearance! I love what I do and am fully committed to helping others discover healthy ways to improve their lives. I have struggled with codependency, anxiety, and perfectionism, and am always learning new and creative ways to find a healthy balance. Prior to recovery, I spent most of my time saying “yes” to a bunch of things I really wanted to say “heck no” to, feeling responsible for others’ feelings, denying any dysfunction, and numbing with all the busyness that a perfectionist lifestyle provides.  Today, I am confident in the boundaries I have created, love myself too much to sacrifice my own internal happiness, and am continuing to learn to embrace imperfections. Recovery, of any kind, is hard, thrilling, and contagious! I invite you to step into your own recovery journey with me and begin to heal, rebuild, and thrive!

I support adult individuals and couples within the context of family systems. Addiction, codependency, anxiety, depression, trauma, and veteran concerns are some of my specialties. My passion is to guide others on the journey of recovery towards healthy and fulfilled lives. I help guide clients down the path to healing and recovery by providing a non-judgmental and caring presence. We all need someone to be present, to listen and empathize, and provide gentleness. I am dedicated and eager to learn and work collaboratively with my team to identify creative and effective ways to support you in healing the pain that is separating you from the fullness of life. 

I earned my Master of Social Work degree from Winthrop University and have experience in outpatient mental health and substance abuse settings primarily working with adults. I am a licensed master social work (LMSW) in South Carolina and a licensed clinical addiction specialist associate (LCAS-A) in North Carolina. I love to incorporate experiential psychotherapy modalities into my practice with clients.  Through my own recovery work I have learned that the use of experiential modalities supported me in learning more about myself, encouraged me to step into the “uncomfortable,” and supported me in healing quicker! During our time together, I will invite you to step into experiential work, which can look like guided meditation, journaling, role-reversals, and creative expression.  I also incorporate modalities such as CBT and motivational interviewing into the work we do together.  

— What Element Do You Resonate With? —


“I most identify with water. The ocean is my favorite place to be and serves as a gentle reminder that I am continuously in my own recovery. Like the tides of the ocean, I have highs and lows during recovery, and that’s okay.”

— What’s Your Walk Out Song? —

“Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

— How To Connect —

(803) 216-1604

[email protected]

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