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The Post-Holiday Care Plan

by Amber Tolbert

Mid-January is here. So, how are you doing? The holiday rush is over. The kids are back in school. You may be settling again into your regular routine. You may be feeling a bit relieved. Or…you may be feeling unsettled.

It’s not unusual to not feel like yourself following the holidays. This time of year, in fact, isn’t as motivating for some as it is for others. Take new year’s resolutions. So many of the new year’s advertisements and goals are externally motivated, missives of self-improvement with a hidden message: “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t have enough,” “I’m not small (weight) enough,” “I’m not [fill in the blank] enough.”

It’s no wonder we may look at ourselves in the mirror and feel more than a little self-loathing. How, then, do we get back to an internal locus of control, to understanding our inherent value and worth?

The answer: create a post-holiday care plan. See below for a few suggestions.

Get plenty of meaningful rest – The weeks before and during the holidays can be jam-packed with end-of-year meetings, get-togethers, and never-ending fun and festive events. Sleep may have been one of the first things to go from your overburdened schedule. Now that January is here, take advantage of this (hopefully) slow time. Make an effort to go to bed earlier or allow yourself to sleep in a little later. The extra time in bed may be just what you need to feel more refreshed.

Give yourself permission to have some me-time – The holidays are all about family and friends, but taking time for yourself is important for reflection and rejuvenation. Look at your calendar and schedule some time to do something special just for yourself. Ask a relative to watch the kids. Spend an hour or two sitting at a coffee shop. Splurge on something you rarely allow yourself to do. Even a small bit of me-time is worthwhile.

Be kind to your mind, body, and spirit – Many of us spend our journey of recovery healing from what I call a “soul wound.” We’ve experienced so many layers of toxicity, pathology, and scarcity that being gentle with ourselves may seem impossible. The answer is not a new year’s resolution that reminds us of what we lack. Rather, the answer comes from an awareness or awakening of recognizing our worth, our rights, our relationship with ourselves. Step into the coming weeks knowing that you are enough.

Schedule out your therapy sessions – When so much can take our attention away from ourselves, it’s important to make ourselves a priority. If you have been thinking of therapy, get in touch! And if you are a current client with us and haven’t yet scheduled your next session, let’s see what time would work. There is hope for healing in the new year and always. Let us be your guide on the journey!

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