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Seeing is believing…in May!

Believing in recovery

There was a time in my life and there are still times in my life when I needed to see something to believe. I frequently say I am “scientifically-based” because so much of my childhood was rooted in distrust and mistrust. I was told that what I saw with my own eyes wasn’t real. I was told that what I felt wasn’t true. I was raised not being familiar with what trust felt like. I’ve been very familiar with what mistrust felt like and as I watch the movie “The Polar Express” (in May!) with my boys, I realized that what some of my fellow travelers say to me feels surreal. 

I feel so honored to be a part of the pay it forward process. I’ve said to my mentors “I’m so glad that you’re in this recovery program because you help me believe that it’s real”. It helped me believe that recovery can happen and that I can find peace and joy again. In the last few years, there have been sacred moments in my life where someone has said those words to me. It’s just been an honor that I could carry the torch a little bit and now I’m also in a place where I don’t have to see it to believe it. I can feel it because now that I’ve learned how to trust I’ve learned what feels good and what doesn’t feel good.  I’ve learned to know what my higher power feels like and how I feel when I invest in that relationship.

I don’t have to visually see that to believe it anymore.  I’m sent mini signals that recovery is real. Undeniable messages that bring me peace in knowing “I’m not alone”.  So apparently, I’m not as “scientifically based as I thought”!  I want to challenge you guys to know that our recovery isn’t about speaking it, recovery is about living it because there are people that need to see it to believe it and you’re doing that just by showing up for yourself. Thank you. Thank you for showing up for yourself. Thank you for continuing to carry the torch. Thank you for continuing to show that it’s real so those that need to see it can believe it.

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