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I want to trigger stress?

Creating your own eustress

It’s Amanda again! Here are some more ideas for intentionally triggering some eustress!

Exercise is my favorite, and I think it’s important to choose something you enjoy! If you enjoy it, it will be a little easier to push yourself just a little bit each time. If you come to my Thursday night yoga class, you’ve probably noticed that last month we added in a little something extra each time (baby wild thing or dolphin for example) just as an invitation to push a little further if your body wanted to. Weightlifting is great for literally overloading the nervous system in smart ways to support this process. If you’re a runner, I’m sure you can speak to the endorphin rush you get after you push through a difficult run where you just wanted to quit at one point.

Building mastery is another strategy. Pick a new hobby to learn, or challenge yourself with something you are already familiar with. Knock a few things off of your to-do list, work towards some goals, complete a challenge. 

Exploring is another way to create this, and one that has been sort of impaired over the last year. Traveling may not yet be an option, but explore some new trails on the Greenway, take a new route to a familiar destination, take a day road trip to somewhere you’ve never ventured – lots of ways to still explore!

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