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Healing Systems Experientially

2023 Dates

Learn Action Oriented Therapy

  • How to provide Experiential Therapy to IndividualsLearn how to use your environment to build a stage for psychodynamic therapy. Experiential takes clients beyond talk therapy. We can’t heal our past without our body, in experiential therapy we use somatic approaches to include the body in the session.
  • Learn how to provide Experiential Therapy to Couples/FamiliesLearn action oriented techniques to create movement in relationships. Balancing more than one perspective is difficult, and, using an experiential approach removes one from the need to align with one. It support the relationship, not just the individuals.
  • Learn to facilitate Experiential Therapy in a Group settingLearn how to apply experiential techniques with a group. Using psychodynamic approach with a group removes the need to control. Experiential therapy gives clients the opportunity to support each other in the healing process.

Healing Systems Experientially is a training for therapists of any background to learn action oriented therapy. Research has proven creating movement in a clinical session, allows the client to reach relief quicker. But how do we do this? Is it an empty chair technique or a role reversal we practiced in graduate school over and over? No, Experiential Therapy is a psychodynamic modality created by Onsite Workshops at their Experiential Training Institute. This modality utilizes somatic experiences to support the bottom up approach as much as the top down approach. The goal is to reconnect the mind and body. Amber will teach, model, and lead participants in conceptualizing systems therapy and practically applying experiential techniques.

Program Agenda
Building safety in an experiential relationship

Modeling clinical resourcing and co-regulation

Experiential Assessments, Motivational Interviewing

Generational patterns, Genogram, Family Sculpt

Experiential Tool: Trauma timeline

Experiential Tool: role play, role reversal

Experiential Tool: personification

Developing patterns/themes in systems

Experientially staffing a case to include system

Closing sacred space in group therapy

Program Dates
April 14, 2023

June 23, 2023

September 15, 2023

December 15, 2023

$99 per group

2.5 CEU per group approved by NASW

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