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Step into Your Relationships

by Amber Tolbert

We humans aren’t meant to be alone. We are social beings who long for connection and understanding. Even those of us who identify as introverts can admit that we like to be around “our people.”

Let’s face it, though. Relationships are hard. Missteps, miscommunication, mistakes…we all sometimes struggle to connect with even those closest to us. Boundaries can be overstepped, hurtful words said, and trust broken. It can become easy to feel unloved or undervalued. The longer the tension builds, the greater the likelihood becomes that you’ll find yourself shutting down, closed off, or emotionally unavailable.

Life inevitably brings change and moments of drastic transition, often creating a sense of internal discomfort that we’d rather not face. Add that to an already stressful relationship, and it can become harder and harder to relate to the other person.

So how can you overcome all that and build a relationship that will stand the test of time?

By choosing to step into that relationship.

You’re invited to join me and Sheila Maitland (Relationship Enrichment Center) for a three-day workshop, “Stepping into Relationship & Family,” March 16th – 18th. Learn essential relationship skills. Build trust and safety in the relationship. Clarify relationship issues and choices. Develop and practice communication skills. Renew trust. Learn to manage conflict. And, finally, increase intimacy.

This workshop is designed for any relationship: parent/child, spouse/partner, sibling, family of origin, or friendship. Whether you’re in a relationship, want to improve a relationship, or are seeking a relationship, we’d love for you to join us. You can find more information and register by following the link below.

Relationships may be hard, but they are worth it. Make the decision to step into yours. Join us March 16th – 18th. Spots are limited!

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