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Journal Your Journey

by Amber Tolbert

Journaling may not be for everyone. If you’ve ever struggled with defining your feelings, though, it may be just the way to get your thoughts to surface. Through journaling, you have the chance to recognize how far you’ve come and the changes you can continue to make. You can tangibly write (and re-write) your journey.

But starting with a blank page can be intimidating. That’s why we offer a variety of journals coming from different perspectives. Each has informative practices and prompts meant to match individual needs. Keep reading to discover the journal that may be the perfect fit for you.

When you want to find your inner child. Created by yours truly, The Inner Child Guided Journal will lead you through moments of your past to change the way that past shows up in your present. Re-immerse yourself in your deepest feelings. Rediscover your own story. Re-conceptualize your past needs, fears, and current feelings about your inner world. Find your inner child, all through the use of writing prompts.

When you want to overcome addiction. The Relationship with Alcohol Journal supports your understanding of your relationship with alcohol and how to improve it. Discover how to keep an eye on sensations, feelings, thoughts, and judgments that come up as you answer various questions. Notes and further steps encourage you to process more with a support person or therapist.

When you want to explore the artist within you. Created by our own Jenn Radcliffe, Healing with Art Journaling combines art directives and writing prompts that help you discover new ways to express what’s waiting within. Non-dominant writing techniques and the practice of using mandala help you get in touch with your innate creativity and find acceptance through artistic exploration.

When you want to see music wherever you look. Music is felt by mind, body, and spirit. We can find elements of music all around us, from the rhythm of a heartbeat to the melodic laugh of a child to the harmonies of the insect chorus on a summer night. The Journey, Recovering with Music Journal will help you recognize these elements as you move along your journey of recovery.

Even if you’re new to journaling, consider giving one of our journals a try. (They also make the perfect gift!) As always, if you would like guidance on your path to healing, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you journal your journey.

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