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Healing is a process.

an action, not a moment

A gradual- though sometimes sudden- movement from chaos to stillness, from pain to peace, from pieces to a whole. Research has proven that trauma is an experience not an event, and it is stored in the body, not just in memories.Our approach at The Healing Collective provides relief from all directions (mind, body and energy) because trauma affects all systems. 

We can think of healing happening in two ways:

the top down

the bottom up

The Top Down
At The Healing Collective, our services provide healing “from the top down” which allows one to understand cognitively what happened, the process to healing, as well as the maintenance of the healing work.
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This looks like traditional “talk therapy” where we work through trauma or how the past keeps showing up in your present. 

Through active (literal movement) we can incorporate a more complete healing that begins with working through things verbally.

Top Down work allows us to build safety, to help bring understanding about “the why” and take ownership only for what is ours to own. So much of what we have to take responsibility for in our healing, we did not ask for. Creating a separation in who we are and those survival behaviors (or things that were put on us) that later become our responsibility to heal. Top Down therapy and understanding is vital for the maintenance of our recovery after integration in order to maintain the new behavior and coping.

This process may seem daunting, and uncomfortable, but often the relief from finally bringing these things to light can provide quick relief. 

And the best part is, you don’t have to do it alone. Healing is a journey, but one you don’t have to do alone.

The Bottom Up
At The Healing Collective, we also work from the bottom up; this healing addresses all trauma stored in the body manifesting into physical symptoms.
This doesn’t always have a language but does have a feeling. 
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A body first approach  incorporates physical movement, sometimes moving around a room or talking things out with our hands or even acting out a situation. This movement can facilitate healing in ways we can’t always articulate but can usually feel.

Bottom Up therapy happens after Top Down therapy when safety has been built. For some of us, this is a slow process of re-entering the body through mindfulness or meditation as being embodied was dangerous, scary, or created problems in one’s backstory.

Bottom up therapy is opening up the communication from the body as one has to feel in order to heal. Our body sends messages to us through emotions. The messages are meant to be supportive and helpful to guide us. However, many of us have needed to cut off that communication at some point in our lives because it gets in the way of pleasing others or coping with our own lives. That need to please others can become habitual, and a priority. Re-opening that pathway through mindfulness and meditation, learning to feel and read those messages, we learn our emotions will eventually guide us to healing.

Bottom Up therapy also includes modalities like simple movement or stretching, yoga, reiki, walking, guided imagery, and somatic experiencing.

Our feelings can never be wrong, however our thoughts are frequently wrong because they are externally focused or fear based.

Many of us know how “the body keeps the score”, so if you’re experiencing negative impacts in your life due to your body’s amazing ability to adapt and remember, let’s get moving on this healing journey. This treatment will likely work well for you if you feel an intense need to achieve, please others, overwork yourself, have challenges with relationships, difficulty trusting others, or a past history of trauma.

If you’re considering this type of therapeutic services, please know that you, your body and your feelings set the pace. You will never be asked to move beyond your level of safety and comfort.

the bottom up

We can think of healing as bringing all the elements of you back into right relationship.

In nature, we need all the elements to work together for a healthy system.
Similarly, in true personal healing, we’re using all the elements (mind, body, energy) to reach a whole state (recovery).  When we say energy, we’re not talking about something “touchy feely”. We’re talking about everything. Everything is energy. Fire, wind, water, the earth itself- all energy. The coffee you drink, the device you’re reading this on- all energy.
We often hear or think of the word energy, and we automatically think of some external power source outside of us. The truth is, everything that is, is energy, including you. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, our bodies are all energy. Energy is what creates and manifest something into being. It is the energy we hold that can manifest into our healing or our illness.

At The Healing Collective, we work with the whole person to bring about the conditions for healing to take place.

Here at the Healing Collective, our purpose is to realign you with your energy source (you) so you can step into your embodied power to heal thyself.

This begins with trust in three realms. Learning how to trust your body, your gut (intuition), and your heart. Often, trauma makes us distrust our bodies and our gut (intuition), the two energy centers we want to come back online to assist us in the healing process and to realign towards heart-mind coherence. Coming home to trusting you, is the first step in reclaiming your sovereignty.
When we think of healers and energy workers, we think these individuals will fix us. There is no one outside of you that can heal you. You are that powerful. There are only those who can assist you in turning on your inner power source to trust what is lying dormant within you. We are constantly looking for the external technology not realizing that our bodies are the original and most powerful technology there is. Through our energetic system we can heal our bodies and traumas. You are the medicine you seek that will create the inner anchor for transmutation and transformation in your life.

The Healing Collective

Our clinicians focus is to bring relief to you, quickly, with modalities that feel right for you and can pinpoint the issues at the root.
We want you to know that whatever your story, we can walk this out together. There is more working for you than against you, and there really is hope for healing.
It’s true that the only way out is through, but you don’t have to go through alone.

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