Virtual Workshop- The Numbing Agents & Medicators That Get Between Me & Me

Join Sam and Amber as they shine the light on the barriers that prevent us from being our best selves. Consider the dynamic you have with yourself and the relationship you have with the terms: “auto-pilot”, “numb”, and “default”.

The Healing Collective believes numbing and medicating behaviors serve a purpose: avoid pain. We use many avenues to relieve pain, and, our culture doesn’t highlight the need to understand the sneaky or avoidant behaviors (shopping, money, alcohol, etc). It’s not about shame, it’s about understanding and compassion. Join these two power houses and learn more about yourself to become your own best friend rather than your enemy.

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Hi, I’m Sam

I support adult individuals and couples in their recovery. Some of my specialties include substance use disorders, trauma, leadership or career difficulties, life transitions, and family of origin issues in recovery.

Hi, I’m Amber. I am a fellow traveler, wounded healer, and wayshower. I live my recovery out loud imperfectly in hopes to support other individuals, couples, and families gain access to healing. As a leader, it is my hope to build a safe space for wounded healers to have permission to heal and become their most authentic self. My journey of recovery has taught me I have to feel to heal.

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