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Esha Estar

About Me

Esha Estar is a Transformational Wisdom Guide whose focus is guiding souls who are ready to go deeper into their healing. She assists one when they need to find strength to overcome psychological limitations and inertia to access, integrate, and sustain higher frequency states of being. Part of the healing work is teaching one to “see” the wisdom and lessons hidden in their traumas so they can transmute, release, and heal at a deeper level. Esha believes that all experiences have a deeper message for us to discover so we can shift and transform into our higher consciousness. She works specifically with those in grief and those who have received terminal illness diagnosis to help them navigate the landscape of fear to find deeper peace, grace, and meaning in the dying process.

Esha weaves all her gifts as a Shamanic Facilitator, Spiritual Director, Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Wisdom teacher of the non-dual pathway to create healing modalities that promotes deepening awareness, self-discovery, and inner empowerment to heal from the inside out restoring soul to their rightful embodied state of love. Losing her husband of 20 years suddenly five years ago has deepened her love to share her gifts with humanity in a way that serves to bring healing for those experiencing loss or afraid of loss.

Esha says, “Healing must be done on the three realms, mentally, physically, and energetically (spiritually). Healing is multifaceted and multidimensional. When we can tap into our healing with a sense of bravery to go in and see, to witness the parts of ourselves we are afraid of and hold it compassionately with unconditional love, healing comes like a bright ray of sun shining through dark clouds.”

Esha is a published author of the Wisdom of Death, The Wisdom of Grief and Finding Stillness, along with other workbooks. She’s a mother of two, a birdwatcher, and a dancer of life.

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