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Breaking Free Women’s Group and Workshop

Tuesdays at 5:30pm (see dates)

It’s Time To Break Free

Breaking Free is offered as an 8 week group and a half day workshop for adult women that want to learn how to challenge their inner critic and engage in a loving relationship with self. Group members will gain clarity around their current needs and tools that will help them live in alignment. Next workshop is Spring 2023, and next 8 week group begins in Fall 2023.

Location: Elizabeth’s Virtual Office
Screening and assessment is required prior to registration. Registration required by January 16th. Reach out to [email protected] to sign up.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth

I support adult individuals and couples as well as families in their journey to finding peace and balance. Some of my specialties include anxiety, codependency, perfectionism, trauma, self-worth, and difficulties related to family of origin. I have a passion for supporting adults with reclaiming their narrative. The pathology of anxiety, perfectionism, and codependency keep us stuck in dysfunction and missing the emotional safety we sorely crave in our relationships. I am here to help clients identify what has been holding them back from living the life they want and find achievable ways to create just that.

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